» chad

the passerby

Chad Duna, a senior in high school whose biggest worry previous to this mess was getting into college. He's ambitious, intelligent, and loves history and Physics, but more than that he loves music. He used to be the percussionist in a band that consisted of him and some friends, but the band broke up a while ago.

Relationships: Friends with Mukhari, and finds Blackened rather creepy.


» mukhari

the priest

Mukhari Khiaj, a college drop-out who befriended Chad when Chad was staying at his dad's house over the summer. Overall cheerful, carefree, and slightly obnoxious. He had just dropped into the city for a visit when everything started going strange.

Relationships: Friends with Chad, acquainted with Soothe, hates Jirrar.


» blackened

the maggots

A quiet stranger who seems to have taken a shine to Chad. He certainly acts very oddly, may be less than sane, but seems too fragile to be dangerous.

Relationships: Seems to like Chad.


» soothe

the incorruptible

Another stranger and another quiet one. Comfortable with strange situations, which leads to the implication that she hasn't led quite an entirely normal life.

Relationships: Knows both Mukhari and Jirrar, but does not appear to much like either of them.


» jirrar

the wildcard

The only one who seems unperturbed by the happenings in the city. He also appears to be the only one with any inkling as to what's going on, although he has not expressed any suspicions yet. Jirrar is cheerful and flippant, but extremely annoying due to his voice; it has a tendency to swing wildly from pitch to pitch with every syllable, and is capable of inducing headaches within mere seconds.

Relationships: Comfortable with Soothe despite her dislike, and enjoys baiting and annoying Mukhari.


» kherat

the beloved

A stranger who looks exactly like a clean-shaven Mukhari. All interactions with him so far have given the strong impression of chilly apathy.

Relationships: Looks like Mukhari??


» stone

the knight

Appeared outside the city and received a strange text message. Afterwards, ?

Relationships: N/A


» sound

the flies

A name that keeps popping up between Mukhari, Jirrar, and Soothe. Has not actually appeared in person.

Relationships: N/A